Gecko Aeware IN. XE spa pack control with 2-speed pump#2 + 4kW heater #0602-221066
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Gecko Aeware IN. XE spa pack control with 2-speed pump#2 + 4kW heater #0602-221066

Gecko Aeware IN. XE spa pack control with 2-speed pump#2 + 4kW heater #0602-221066

This “item” is for. XE 120/240V 60Hz (North America). This unit support two dual-speed pumps + (optionnal blower or circ pump). For CE version 230V 50Hz (Europe), see in my boutique. For complete bundle kit with In. Link cables & Topside control panel, see in my boutique. Innovative entry level spa pack platform. The perfect control system for entry level spas. Xe combines Aeware by Gecko’s in. Pac series breakthrough features and signature design with a heat. Wav integrated heater in optimal price/performance configurations for typical entry level spas (dual pumps, dual pumps & blower, single pump or single pump & blower with key accessories). The perfect system for entry level spas. With Aeware by Gecko’s breakthrough features and signature design! Available simultaneously in UL and CE versions, in. Xe is the newest addition to the best and most advanced spa systems and accessories in the spa and hot tub industry. Our new and innovative in. Xe spa pack platform is really compelling. Built to take full advantage of Aeware by Gecko’s advanced electronics, in. Xe caters to reason as well as emotions, conveying a definite statement of reliability, safety and ease-of-use. Xm, its bigger brother, in. Xe is sturdy, compact and thin. Its small footprint makes it a perfect fit in any crowded spa equipment compartment. Its dimensions respond to industry expectations for packs designed for entry-level spas and hot tubs. It can be installed on the floor with a bracket securing its position or be wall-mounted. For unsurpassed innovation, reliability and safety. Xe offers an impressive list of technical features. Each of them stands on its own merits and contributes to bring to all players in the industry the most advanced solutions for entry level spas and hot tubs ever offered to them. New input terminal bloc. Xe’s cable bay was designed to ease wire insertion. Its terminal bloc has more room to insert wires. Tighter input connection reduces heat generated for increased component lifetime. Only serviceable parts, terminal bloc, fuses, heater and probe connectors, are made accessible to service technicians. Electronic components are protected in separate and inaccessible compartments. Seal provides extra level of protection against water infiltration. Connectors and power box are designed to be watertight and no water can be in direct contact with electrical components. Plugs and connectors are designed to ensure that all cables of equipment used to make a spa work properly are well connected at their intended connection port, eliminating any risk of mis-wiring. Flo is an all-electronic dry-fire protection of in. Flo eliminates the burden of adjustments, calibrations and failures associated to usual water flow sensors. Xe design includes kinetic heat monitoring through in. Kin, a contactor that protects spas and spa users against water overheat. Kin is the industry’s first and only true kinetic heat protection. It monitors all pump outputs, not just the “heating” pump. Xe also monitors water temperature through in. Cip, our breakthrough software algorithm that calculates optimal time to start pumps and get water temperature readings. Stik is one of in. Xe’s coolest features, a pen drive like spa system configurator merged with an in. Stik connects to in. Xe and contains software to program or configure its system. Xe executes the data upload and update automatically. Xe takes full advantage of Aeware by Gecko’s. Advanced electronics and water resistance. Xe comes with a high performance heat. With no pressure switch, it features in. Flo integrated dry-fire protection. Wav heater can be easily converted to dedicated 120v / 1kW by a simple switch of a cable connection port performed on production lines, in dealer showrooms or in the field. A watertight panel protects the heater and probe connectors. Removing the panel gives access to in. Flo dry-fire protection and hi-limit/regulation probe connectors, Line 1, Line 2 and ground power input cables connection ports. Supports 120v or 240v. Protected by external breaker (not fused). Heater element is Incoloy® for greater protection against corrosion. Compact keypad for in. Xe comes with in. K200, a brand new keypad that offers all the cool features of in. Keys series top side controls like clean interface, big and crisp characters on its display, true tactile feel and sleek elegance. K200 has a waterproof plastic enclosure and can command spas equipped with single or dual pumps, with or without a blower and a mood light. With its thin design and its low profile, in. K200 can easily find its place on the edge of any spa. K200 comes with an in. Link connector, brackets and adhesive. Its full- surface overlay can be customized. Main features and specification summary. Xe design includes in. Kin is the industry’s first and only true kinetic heat protection because it monitors all pump outputs, not just the “heating” pump. Stik is another cool in. Xe feature, a pen drive software auto-uploader with an in. Touch WiFi module interface. Allowing you to use your favorite iOS & Android-base devices to communicate with your spa. Xe UL/CSA electrical specifications. 120/240 VAC nominal (+ 5/- 10 %) (2 lines required with neutral) 48 A Max, 120 VAC nominal only (+ 5/- 10%) single line with neutral 16 A Max, 60Hz nominal + 1. 5 / -1.0 Hz. Output Out 1 Out 2 Out 3 Out 4 Out 5 L1 CO C1. Voltage 120/240V 120/240V 240V 120/240V 120/240V 120/240V 12VAC. Maximum Current 20 FLA/70 LRA (in-rush) 15 FLA/60 LRA (in-rush) 15 FLA/60 LRA (in-rush) 10 A 6 FLA/10 A 10 A (always ON) 1 A. Typical Device Pump 1 High Speed Pump 1 Low Speed Pump 2 (CP)/Blower Ozone Generator Audio/Video device Light. Stik Tub side controller. Voltage: Current: Flow rate. 120 or 240 VAC, 60 Hz 17A resistive (4 kW at 240V) 8.5 A resistive (1kW at 120v) Minimum of 18 GPM is required. Ce TUV electrical specifications. 230/400 VAC nominal (+ 5/- 10 %) (2-phase system) 20 A Max per phase 230 VAC nominal (+ 5/- 10 %) (single-phase system) 40 A Max 50 Hz nominal + 1. Voltage 230V 230V 230V 230V 230V 12VAC. Maximum Current 15 FLA/60 LRA (in-rush) 15 FLA/60 LRA (in-rush) 6 FLA/10 A 6 FLA/10 A 10 A (always ON) 1 A. Typical Device Pump 1 Hi & Low Pump 2 (CP)/Blower Ozone Generator Audio/Video device Light. 230 VAC, 50 Hz 8.7 A resistive (2kW at 230v) 5.7 A resistive (1.3 kW at 230v) 16.5 A resistive (3.8 kW at 230v) Minimum of 18 GPM is required. Operating temperature North American model in. Xe: 0°C (32°F) to 60°C (140°F) for Pump 1 up to 15 A 0°C (32°F) to 50°C (122°F) for Pump 1 up to 20 A European model in. Ce: for single-phase system (32 A Max) or 2-phase (2 x 16 A) 0°C (32°F) to 60°C (140°F) for single-phase system (40 A Max) or 2-phase (2 x 20 A) 0°C (32°F) to 50°C (122°F) (Controller must be installed under the spa skirt) Storage temperature: -25°C (-13°F) to 85°C (185°F) Humidity: up to 85% RH, non condensing. Weight: 4.76 kg (10.5 lbs) Dimensions (W x H x D): Chassis: 441.5×298.5 x129 mm (17.38″ x 11.75″ x 5.1). UL 1563 Fifth Ed. UL File: E182156 CSA No. 22.2 – 218.1-M89. EN/IEC 60335 – 2 – 60: 2003/2002 – EN/IEC 60335 – 1: 2002/2001 incl. Up to 2004 EN55014-1 EN55014-2 EN61000-3-2 EN61000-3-3 The in. Ce is lab tested to IPx5 enclosure protection levels. Keypads available for the in. K200 (LED display, 4 keys, 7 light indicators) in. K219 (LED display, 4 keys, 7 function icons) in. K235 (LED display, 6 keys, 8 function icons) in. K400 (LCD display, 6 keys, 10 function icons) in. K450 (LCD display, 6 keys, 10 function icons). This is the unit for two dual-speed pumps + (optionnal blower or circ pump). COMPLETE OEM PRODUCT FROM GECKO DIRECTLY. (45x35x20 cm — 4.54kg). Xpresspost 1-4 days, all trackables. Expedited parcel USA 4-8 days, with tracking#. Xpresspost USA 2-4 days with tracking#. CanadaPost + your local Postal services. International surface/boat parcel – 4 to 7 WEEKS, with tracking#. Xpresspost International – EMS – 4-10 days, with tracking. The item “Gecko Aeware IN. XE spa pack control with 2-speed pump#2 + 4kW heater #0602-221066″ is in sale since Wednesday, May 31, 2017. This item is in the category “Maison et jardin\Jardins et vie extérieure\Piscines et piscines thermales\Spas et bains à remous”. The seller is “sleco69″ and is located in Montreal-Nord, Quebec. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Numéro de pièce fabricant: 0602-221066-300
  • Model: IN.XE
  • Marque: Aeware by Gecko
  • Type: Spa pack control unit

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