Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa
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Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Extra Deep 4 Person Inflatable Portable Spa

Grand rapids 29 extra deep hot tub. $275 extra accessories included with 29 model. 6″ thick lockable inflatable cover with 6″ insulating skirt. Perfect to keep your hot tub safe and secure. Specially tapered design to allow rainwater run-off.

6 insulating skirt will keep your lid sealed to your hot tub to stop heat loss for optimum efficiency. Just place it on the water line to keep you hot tub better insulated. Speed up the heat-up time.

Keep your hot tub water filtrated. Takes out the impurities within the water.

Keep your water clean and safe. The grand rapids is a fantastic inflatable portable spa that’s easy to set up and take anywhere.

Ideal for home, holiday, parties and hire. One of the most relaxing experiences you can find as well as a. Proven natural remedy for many personal discomforts.

During the cold winters or hot summers, a hydro-rest spa is the perfect choice for your leisure time. Warm water and air massage bubbles help create the ideal atmosphere to promote self-healing and relaxation. Great for gardens, patios, summer houses or camping.

Can use the grand rapids spa anywhere you have a flat surface and a. Just plug it in, relax and enjoy your new.

Easy maintenance artificial tan leather cover – nylon / pvc laminated sheet. Contour beam structure for spa wall – 4 separate air chambers makes the spa tub more rigid and safer than i-beam structure. The pump has a double insulation design.

Authentically, the water and the electricity is insulated when the pump is working. Lockable cover straps for complete peace of mind. Issues that will occur. Many of the inflatable hot tubs are constructed as a one piece pvc.

Design without any outer covering. This type of construction will offer no protection against accidental.

Damage or insulation against the elements. Our hot tub has a reinforced heavy duty vinyl outer cover to ensure. The pvc inner is fully protected from any accidental damage whilst from the elements.

The addition of the outer cover also benefits the insulation of the. Hot tub and cosmetically gives it a fantastic high end quality look and.

Always look at the depth of the spa. If it’s below 26″ the water level will be at least 6″. So it will be like having a bath in a kids paddling pool! Our spa range go up to 29 deep which will allow you to sit down.

And have your shoulders under the waterline to take full advantage of the 88. Always check out the blower and heater. A good quality blower and heater are essential if you want that hot.

If its underpowered there will be less bubbles and take longer to. Our mothership is a completely sealed quiet operation unit. The high output 1320w heater combined with a circulation pump and 500.

Watt turbo blower, producing greater pressure for the air jets whilst. Maintaining the heat within you hot tub. Check out the number of jets.

More jets does not equal more bubbles or more power. Too many jets will have an adverse effect. Meaning far less pressure. 88 jets combined with our high output 1320w heater and 500 watt turbo. Blower, produces greater pressure for the air jets.

Some inflatable models have a cleaning filter attached internally to. This impedes into the seating area giving less room to sit and.

Subsequently is unhygienic when removing for cleaning as this will need to be. Accessed directly through the waterline. Our filter is separately housed within the mothership control unit.

Giving external access for trouble free maintenance. Safety is paramount and access into your hot tub should only be with. The consent of a responsible adult. Without a cover you will leave your hot tub open to the elements.

Our supplied cover has ultra secure lockable straps, so you decide. Who has access into your hot tub. Our 6″ thick cover with 6″ deep skirt will keep your hot. Tub protected and insulated.

There are other models that have a cover that sits internally resting. This just gives a constantly wet cover and allows dirt and debris.

Picked up when the cover is off the spa to be transferred back into the water. When you put it back on! If the cover sits on top of the hot tub without a skirt bridging the. Gap between the hot tub you will have excessive heat loss.

Take a look at our cover.. It sits on top of the spa above the. Waterline keeping it dry and your water cleaner. Our 6″ cover has a further 6″ skirt that creates a seal that will.

Ensure the efficiency and maintain the heat. Within the hot tub. Inflatable hot tub dealer guide. From someone who sells everything on the planet and chances are you.

Will have no back up for spares or dedicated after sales service on your. It’s all very well. We have 35 experience in the hot tub industry.

We offer dedicated back up and spares on all our products. What’s in the box. Spa cover/lid, b spa base, c inflation hose, d control unit, e. Thermal blanket, f instruction manual pack, g control unit connectors x.

Check out the video. A unique design that requires no tools and can be completed in just 15 minutes by almost anyone.. A truly amazing hot tub! Set up in just 15 minutes!

Setting up is as easy as 1..2..3.. Spa dimension (lid included). 70″x 38″(180cm x 97cm) lid: 70″ x 6″(180cm x 15cm), skirt length: 6/15cm. Spa dimension (without lid). Outer: 70″ x 29″(180cm x 74cm) inner: 55″ x 29″(140cm x 74cm).

Net weight 35kg/77lb – gross weight 39kg/86lb. 74 x 54.5 x 58cm / 29″x 21.5″ x 22.8. 200 gallons / 760 litres. Reinforced heavy duty vinyl & artificial leather. Circulating pump – continuous duty. 500w turbo air blower. 1320w – max heat temperature 39°c/103f. Heating efficiency (ambient temperature is 20°c/68°f). Pressure filter with replaceable filter media : 30w. 6 safety spa cover. Lockable, 6 inflatable spa cover. 110-115v / 60 hz – plug & play. 6 months on spa liner -12 months on pump. With all hot tubs it is important to check and ensure the chemical. Level in the water is correct and the filtration is doings its job. Regular checks can be made on the water using test strips which will. Show any adjustment required in the ph or chlorine level of the water. And just by adding a small amount of the correct chemical will keep your. Water nice and clean. Hot tubs will require a filter to capture unwanted debris and are. Essential in maintaining the water flow by keeping the pump working to. The filter should be taken out and cleaned on a. Regular basis and therefore it is recommended to have a spare filter to. Hand so your spa is constantly protected. Hard shell spas the inflatable hot tubs do not have moulded seating so. Always a nice touch is to take a look at some water inflated cushion. Seating for extra comfort or jut as a booster for the kids. Take a look at our other items. We will work with you to. Resolve any problems you may have. Items must be in their original and unused condition, complete with all. Parts, accessories, original packaging and the original invoice. Products you must notify us that you are returning your order as it develops a fault and you will be responsible for the return. Receipt of the returned item and verification of the fault. And verification of the fault.

The item is not found to have a manufacturing fault, or the fault is. Due to customer misuse, or it has been used beyond normal usage, then no. All replacements are subject to stock.

Availability at the time of processing. Need more information or assistance please call toll free.

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  • Model: Grand Rapids 29″ Inflatable Hot Tub Spa
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