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Coral reef, 3 person, 68 jet mid-size hot tub. Choose your hot tub interior colors. Choose your hot tub cabinet colors. 3 seater – one lounger. Bucket, lounge, chair, bench. Shoulder, neck, back, spinal massage, seat. 82.5″ x 61.1″ x 31. 2 x 4 hp pumps, 220 v has 2 x 4hp , 110 v has 1 x1.5hp. Applied computer controls , out of asusa, california, is considered one of the best electronic keypads and control systems for spas in the world. It’s known for its ease of use, smart toucht computer system, and its automatic troubleshooting system. Each aspect of a smartouch digital is field programmable. With 3 different systems in the family, there is a smartouch digital for every spa application. The smartouch has many programmable features, one of which is that it can automatically learn your patterns of usage and heat the hot tub as automatically before your get in it. Ozonator – cleanwatert iii corona discharge. The ozonator is a system that purifies the water in a natural way. It helps to reduce the amount of sanitation that is needed (such as chemicals or salt water system). You will still need a sanitizer such as bromine/chlorine chemicals or our salt water systems. The ambiance lighting underwater lighting bulb circulates through the 7 colors of the rainbow is a very slow , and soothing pattern. It is not only relaxing, but it looks amazing at nighttime. This is a must have option nowadays to create a nice ambiance for your spa. We will also guide you or any handyman to install the necessary parts. The acc control system has not only a thorough control pad error code system, but also a colored fuse system that easily tell our techs what the problem is and what parts need to be replaced. Our service department is a very important part of our company, and we pride ourselves in having happy customres. Skimmer and double filtration system. The two filters on our spas allows for maximum filtration of over 200 gallons per minute on our spas, which is in the top of the industry. This means cleaner, purer water for you at all times. Diverter and air control valves. All our oceanic t spas contain both diverter and air control valves which allow you to divert the power of the jets to one side or another on a spa. This is a great feature if you want even more pressure on certain seats, giving you in essence an overpowering “sports massage” effect for those who want the extra power. Aromatherapy fragrances which can be found online or in pool stores, can be inserted into the aromatherapy inlets, maximizing your spa experience. Our spas standard insulation create a heavy coating of foam on the back of the shell of the spas. If you live on the east coast or in cities with colder winters, we recommend you add the arctic foam upgrade. The bottom of our spas are molded to thick heavy duty plastic material which will not only serve to insulate the heat inside the spa, but also serves as long lasting stable platform for which you can enjoy your spa for many years. The spa bottom is also designed for the times when you may want to move the spa, with forklift grooves imprinted in the grid of the spa. Our standard cabinets are wood, but most of our customers are now upgrading to the strongt pvc cabinets, which are made of synthetic plastic but made to look like wood. Benefits of synthetic frame. Cross grain construction for strength. Long lasting finish / uv stable. Do not warp, rot, or wear. All panels can be removed. Looks like real wood. Below are the types of jets we use on oceanic spas t. 2 point blank massage water jets. 2.5 hydro rotary massage jets. 4 megablaster massage jets. 5 turboblaster massage jets. As a standard feature on all our spas, we have built in “slot” waterfalls that shoot into the water, and can be turned on and off. Drain and intake valves. Options: (not included in the price, and must be added to the price). Tv- stereo – home theatre system (additional $899). Our oceanic t spas come with an optional sophisticated tv-stereo system with many features. This 15 lcd color tv rises up and down with the simple touch of an electronic button on the top side. This system can hook up to any house cable or tv line, as well as play dvd movies from the dvd player. The elegant topside cover of the tv allows it to close down all the way inside the spa protecting it from the elements. The tv also has an insulated cover around it which makes it waterproof. Our tv technology is very reliable and has been designed for outdoor use. Our dvd systems are mounted on the side cabinet and be used to play music or movies. Two standard, high quality speakers are mounted on the side cabinets for sound. Or you can upgrade to the top side speakers for better sound above the spa. Top side speakers ($179). A perfect complement to the tv system, our sleek top side speakers will allow you to hear the tv or stereo above the water, rather than through the side cabinets. This is definitely a better option than the standard side speakers especially when trying to watch a movie or tv. Duro t spa cover and steps ($199). Our heavy duty covers are made to last. They are 5″ – 2.5″ tapered and foam up to 8 feet which means they are more energy efficient and have an r value of about 20. They are constructed with polystyrene close tapered foam inserts. They have premium spa-tech vinyl, and include child proof locks. They are waterlog proof and can handle heavy snow loads as well. Arctic insulation upgrade ($199). If you live in climates with very cold winters, such as the east coast or the mid-west we highly recommend the arctict insulation upgrade. Here in addition to insulating the back of the shell of the hot tub, we manually insulate by hand the cabinets as well as some of the components around the hot tub. It is not a full foam insulation, but just a selective “hand” foaming of important parts of the hot tub so that it can endure extreme winters. Whispert circulation pump ($299). Perhaps the most important option our spas is the quiet running whispert circulation pumps. The purpose of the circulation pump is to continuously circulate the water to keep it heated and clean while the spa is not in use. Without the circulation pump, you have to use the large horsepower jet pumps to circulate the water, which means you will be using more power and paying a higher electrical bill. The whispert pump runs at only 1 hp vs. The larger 5 hp pumps and therefore cuts the energy usage down on your hot tub considerably. A must have for energy and cost conscious people. Jet fiberoptic led lighting system ($99). Add some sizzle to your jets by adding the jet fiberoptic led system. What this does is implant an led light on your jets to give them a glow at night. This lighting also cycles through the seven colors synchronized with the ambiance lighting bulb which comes standard in the bulb. With this option the inside of your spa will come alive like a galaxy of stars. The little led lights are implanted on the exterior of your jets to give them color when it’s dark. Synthetic cabinet upgrade ($199). Most people are upgrading from wood to synthetic cabinets because of. Stainless steel jets ($249). The stainless steel jets are an upgrade from the standard polyurethane jets, are going to protect your jets for a long time so you won’t have to replace them in the future. They also provide your spa with a nice showroom look and feel. We recommend stainless steel as an added protection to your spa from the elements. Roman fountain jets with pump system ($149). The roman fountain jets are an advanced water show and massage system powered by an additional fountain pump. We install 2, one on each side, and they also come installed with the ambiance color lighting system to further accent the beauty of their path. Each roman fountain shoots water in an arch which serves to not only beautify the spa, but can be used as a massage or splash fountain which can massage your head or shoulders from the top. Bar + stool package ($399). Made for your spa, this is another popular option for entertaining. Our bottom side spring loaded cover lifters make it easy for anybody to take the covers off the spa. They also serve as a nice way to stow the cover on the side of the spa, rather than have to lay it out somewhere. Extra filter sets ($100-$299). Filter sets last about 6 months to a year. These filters are specially designed for our spas. It’s also good to have extra filters on hand because the most common problem people call our service department is about “their spa not heating anymore”. And 95% of the time it’s because of dirty filters. So keeping them clean and having some extra on hand is important. Salt water purification system ($329). It uses an advanced electronic process that sanitizes your water by creating a pure form of chlorine from salt. After the chlorine and the bacteria are killed, the chlorine is converted back to salt and the process is ongoing. There are many health benefits to using a salt water system chlorinator, including eliminating irritation to your skin and eyes. Our spas come standard with an ozone oxidation system, but even with ozone you need some kind of sanitizer to keep your water fully clean. So you can choose either chlorine/bromine chemicals, or you can choose the safer, healthier alternative the salt water sanitizer system. Here are more features: use top picture in saltron manual download manual from this page. In addition to the hot tub cover, you can get this winter cover as well to cover the whole spa from harsh weather conditions. This cover is designed to handle the harshest winter conditions. If you need help in moving the spa as well to your backyard or inside the house, we will bring a whole crew of people out to move your spa once it’s delivered. We bring several men to do this job because hot tubs are quite heavy and difficult to move. In order for us to provide this service to you the path must. Be fairly level (no steps) and have no obstructions. The spas come on their side standing up, so just make sure you remove obstacles in the path before we deliver. Must be no more than 100 yards from our truck. Make sure to remove fences or gates and if you are bringing it indoors measure your door first. We have very good quality, and low priced gazebos that you can quickly and easily install to turn your hot tub into a private room, and protect it from weather conditions as well. Independent third party testing… Comfort of knowing your spa goes through a week long of extensive testing from a third party. The testing reports that are generated have over 178 tests, and a 30 page report is generated. Until all tests are fully “passed”. Live operational help for you! As part of our service to you, if you need any help working your spa, or your just not good at reading manuals, our staff will be happy to lead you through the working of your spa. In addition to that, our user’s manuals and web-site contain tons of information about “getting started” with your spa. National network of spa technicians. To service your hot tub, we have a network of authorized oceanic spas technician’s to service your spa. Many spa issues are simple to solve, so our. “in house” spa technician. Is also available for you at all times. You will never be stranded, and. You will always have someone very technical. To help you with spa questions that may arise. Long term happiness is our goal as we are a service driven company. Parts are available quickly directly through our parts service department. We fully stock all parts needed for your immediate parts needs. Special order parts can come directly from the factory. Affordable chemicals and filters delivered to your door. In addition to the free chemical kits we send we every new spa, we offer affordable programs that deliver to your door the maintenance products that you will need every 6 months to a year, chemicals and filters. Ask about our program and get the convenience right to your door. Please inquire if you need something sooner, but we don’t guarantee it. You can sleep better at night knowing. To get the product to your residence. Our van line company is called. “allied van” which are smaller trucks which take greater care in special equipment. We pay an extra 20% for van lines, but we absorb this cost in our business so that you can have the comfort of not getting a damaged spa! When the van is close, they will always call you in advance so that you can schedule a convenient time to be there. We will hold the product if it’s not a good time for you. When you receive the product, the van line will expect you to inspect the packaging and sign off the product. The product will be fully crated and will be packaged, so you will only be inspecting the packaging at this point, keep in mind the product was full checked in the quality assurance process as well. If you need assistance in moving the spa from the curbside to a backyard, or other area, we will refer you to “spa movers” which you can hire directly to do this service. The leisure time bromine kit comes with an instructional dvd, ph test strips, and plenty of bromine chemicals. To keep your spa clean from the start. If you run out of chemicals, you can get 6 month and year supplies from at wholesale prices. 2014 tv/dvd spa – reinforced sythetic frame! Our hot tub reviews. The hot tub looks and works great and i’ve enjoyed the time i’ve spent in it so far… Having the spa has a lot of my friends interested in these hot tubs now. Thanks again for the help and quick answers! Hey oceanic spas my hot tub is great and my husband loves it!!! Thursday, june 26, 2008.The item “NEW 3 PERSON, 68 JET MID-SIZED HOT TUBS SPAS, LOUNGER HOT TUB SPA” is in sale since Sunday, December 07, 2014. This item is in the category “Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Pools & Spas\Spas & Hot Tubs”. The seller is “qualityhomeappliances” and is located in San Francisco, California. This item can be shipped worldwide.

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