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Aquarius 6 person, 86 jet hot tub spa. Choose your hot tub interior colors. Choose your hot tub cabinet colors. Bucket, lounge, chair, bench. Shoulder, neck, back, spinal massage, seat. 5.5 kw heavy duty heater 220v, 50 amp, acc spa pack (etl). Have a celebration in our best valued very large (7.25 foot) and deep (36). Hot tub including one king size lounger and featuring a. Whopping 90 hydrotherapy water jets. Powered by 2 x 5hp pumps. The advanced acc smartoucht digital control system allows you control the spa temperature & jet streams, giving you the maximum benefits in relaxation & hydrotherapy. Spa theatre system includes a 17 flat screen tv. And dvd built into the cabinetry for that full theatre experience. For this large size, and with 90 hot tub jets, you will find it difficult to find another hot tub better priced, especially in a store. For our 2014 hot tubs, we have upgraded our spa to include a. Pristine watert filtration system. For purer water & also reinforced the synthetic frame & abs bottom for increased endurance and a longer-lasting spa. Hot tubs of this size generally go for more than twice this price and that�s why this hot tub is one of our. To top it all off, we will also throw in a. With this hot tub. It’s a deal that’s hard to beat! This item item is a custom order. Please inquire if you need something sooner, but we don’t guarantee it. 90 high quality jets. King size full body massage lounger. 2 powerful 5hp pumps! Free spa theatre system. Includes a 17 flat screen tv, and dvd built into the cabinetry. An underwater hot tub bulb which can change colors continuously, fading from one color to the next, or pause on a particular color. Creating the ultimate hot tub atmosphere, this type of lighting is usually an add-on option on most hot tubs today, but is included as a standard feature on all paradise spas. Lucitet/aristecht highest premium acrylic interior. All our spas are made with “lucite” or “aristech” the top quality acrylics in the world. These are the highest standards for shell material in the spa industry, known for its vivid, striking colors. It also has superior strength, weather resistance, high-gloss appearance, and resistance to sunlight, stains, and scratches. Ozone oxidation system for purer water and less chemical additives for your hot tub, and an a capacity of 320 liter/minute filtration system. Advanced digital spa control system (spa geniet). “one touch magic” – makes managing your hot tub control the greatest of ease. Both head and neck collar type cushions. For a different head support experience. Jet diverter/regulator control system. For maximum power & control of your spa jets. Overflow prevention vent. Avoid unsafe wet surfaces from spills over the side of your hot tubs and spas. Mounted to the exterior cabinet, these sleek lights are pointed downwards to provide good lighting and ambiance to your hot tub deck and flooring – no need to bring out extra lighting to the hot tubs and spas. Reinforced synthetic frame & thick abs bottom. Our hot tubs are built for a lifetime of use. Reinforced synthetic frames and thick molded durable plastic bottoms make your hot tub more sturdy, and also help keep it well insulated. With dvd instructional video & test strips. Free tv-dvd-stereo system -valued at $899.00. Spa theatre system (tv/dvd) ($899). Eenjoy the ultimate spa theatre system by loading up your hot tub with all of the entertainment pieces to create the ultimate hot tub experience. Includes a high quality 17 flat screen tv and dvd player built into the cabinetry with panel / remote control. The tv screen is electronically operated, smoothly rising both up and down, and can be stowed away flush with the spa cabinet when not in use. A marine grade protection casing guards the tv from extreme weather conditions. Be the only one on the block with a hot tub with a tv! Free hot tub ambiance lighting system – valued at $399. Enjoy the warm colors included in paradise spas’s standard underwater lighting system. The system consists of a large mood bulb in the shell which slowly changes from one color to another. Also includes lights mounted to the exterior cabinet which help illuminate the exterior of your spa. Acc(tm) smart toucht digital control system. We have just upgraded all our 2014 models with the most reliable american made spa controls in the industry, can be programmed and controlled to handle all functions of the spa with simplicity of use. Some of the functions include controlling pumps, filtration cycles, ozonators, lighting systems, and entertainment features. This control panel has a large digital display which is easy to read while you are enjoying your spa. The “smart touch” also filters the water in the spa after you need it the most, after you use the spa. This system is named as “smart” because it remembers when you use the spa the most, and the rest of the day, it runs in economy mode. Free pristine watert filtration system – valued at $199. The paradise spas are designed for maximum clean water benefits. When you have the circulation pump option, you can set the spa on filtration mode, which will filter water at a low energy level to cover your filtration needs. Additionally, every spa comes with a modern ozonator system. The paradise spas ozonator is the best model on the market. It oxidizes contaminants for reduced chemical use and sparkling clean water. The ozone system passes air molecules through the ozonator, breaking them down and recombining them to create 03 or ozone. The ozone then oxidizes bacteria and contaminants, leaving the hot tub sanitizer free to set up a defense against other, new contaminants entering the spa. Good to turn on for just a half an hour before you enjoy your spa to enjoy cleaner, purer water. With the ozonator on, you can expect to use less than half the chemicals you would normally use to keep your spa clean. Jet diverted / regulated control system – the ultimate jet control! We install jet diverter & regulator control valves into the cabinet of your hot tub which allow you to specify the water pressure and redirect the power to specific hot tub areas for maximum power & control or your spa. Unlike many other brands, the frames of the paradise spas contain no wood or steel and therefore will not rust, rot or weaken over time. Our new 2014 spas have a beefed up synthetic frame & thick abs bottom. We increased the size, strength and thickness of our frames on all our spas. Our us customers of course get the benefit of a stronger, long-lasting spa. The abs bottom is formed around the bottom of the cabinetry, and serves the purposes of added structural integrity, increased insulation from the elements, and protection from rodents and insects entering/tampering with the spa interior. Your standard base model cabinet is made from wood. Or, you can upgrade this to our maintenance free, endurot synthetic cabinet. The carefully engineered, synthetic cabinet is made to look and feel like real quality finished wood without the shortcomings of real wood, such as warping, fading and the constant need for maintenance. Our standard speakers are built into the exterior cabinet. Or, for above spa audio & better sound quality, add the optional pop-up speakers. Endurot synthetic cabinet – maintenance free – $199. Instead of standard wood, you have a choice of choosing the endurot synthetic cabinet for very little extra. Synthetic plastic hot tub shells are now the standard of the hot tub industry because in the past wood has had problems with warping and rotting over time. The synthetic plastic shells are also more resistant to color fading, and overall are the more popular choice of our hot tub customers. Thermo guardt premium spa cover & exterior steps – $199. Customized for paradise spas models, the. Thermo guardt spa cover is made to conserve energy. By retaining heat and keep your hot tub clean by protecting against bacteria. They also provide safety by preventing children and pets from accidentally falling into your hot tub when it is not in use and unattended. Exterior hot tub steps are very convenient because they help both adults and supervised children get into your hot tub. Premium spa cover lifter ($199). This spa cover lifter is a high-end hot tub cover removal device which features a specially designed mechanical assist. Safely & easily lift or lower your cover and. Eliminates hassles & strains on your body. Premium cover lifter designed for added support with a bar that goes completely across the fold of the cover & perfectly fits your paradise spas thermal hot tub cover. Cover lifter also minimizes clearance between the spa exterior & gazebo or deck, making it optimal for areas with limited space. Get the benefit of a. Must have option in colder climates. The base model does not include this option. The circulation pump is an additional low power pump you can add to your spa, so you don’t have to run the larger pumps all the time to heat the spa. The circulation pump saves you energy and is meant to run 24 hours a day, continuously filtering your hot tub and maintaining its temperature. The result is a constant. 24 hour hot tub filtration with more total gallons filtered and less energy consumed. Polarfoamt insulation – winterize your tub! It will help you save power and energy. Most companies only foam the shell, but this is inefficient. We foam the cabinets to truly seal in the heat. This combination of a foamed shell, foamed cabinet, and thick abs bottom will provide you with the. Ultimate insulation package to keep your spa heated, and keep your energy bills down. Hotfx waterfall with lights ($99). This soothing waterfall is built into the interior shell and shoots streams which dance over the water. Color changing lights are included behind the waterfall to enhance the ambiance of the hot tub. Perimeter led lighting system – ambience personified! This option would be in addition to your standard ambience bulb. A multitude of led hot tub bulbs which can change colors continuously, fading from one color to the next, under your total control. Creating the ultimate hot tub atmosphere & adding extra safety to your spa, this hot tub lighting option is available on all paradise spas spas. Hot tub jets on paradise spas series. The paradise spas jets are designed for maximum massage, rehabilitation, and relaxation therapies. There are numerous arrays of jets on the seats depending on which model you get. Most jet arrays are designed to target the following areas of the body for your relaxation and therapy needs. Back and neck massage spinal therapy. Acu-pressure hot tub jets: powerful pinpoint jets for a distinct massage point. Directional hot tub jets: these are pinpoint jets which you can point in any direction. Foot dome jet system. Some paradise spas models are equipped with an impressive foot dome jet system which allows you to massage your feet in many ways. Pulsating stream hot tub jets. The pulsating water from this hot tub jet will treat you to a rhythmic water hot tub massage. Advanced hydrotherapy jetting system – depending on the model, paradise spas spas typically contain a wide variety of hot tub jets. Most of the models come with the option of beautiful stainless steel accents. Many of the jets are adjustable for any direction. Our spas also have diverter systems so that you can turn one side of the hot tub jets off, and have all the pumps pumping to one side of the spa, to get the ultimate power in what we call sports massage therapy. Independent third party testing… Comfort of knowing your spa goes through a week long of extensive testing from a third party. The testing reports that are generated have over 178 tests, and a 30 page report is generated. Until all tests are fully “passed”. Live operational help for you! As part of our service to you, if you need any help working your spa, or your just not good at reading manuals, our staff will be happy to lead you through the working of your spa. In addition to that, our user’s manuals and web-site contain tons of information about “getting started” with your spa. National network of spa technicians. To service your hot tub, we have a network of authorized paradise spas technician’s to service your spa. Many spa issues are simple to solve, so our. “in house” spa technician. Is also available for you at all times. You will never be stranded, and. You will always have someone very technical. To help you with spa questions that may arise. Long term happiness is our goal as we are a service driven company. Parts are available quickly directly through our parts service department. We fully stock all parts needed for your immediate parts needs. Special order parts can come directly from the factory. Affordable chemicals and filters delivered to your door. In addition to the free chemical kits we send we every new spa, we offer affordable programs that deliver to your door the maintenance products that you will need every 6 months to a year, chemicals and filters. Ask about our program and get the convenience right to your door. You can sleep better at night knowing. To get the product to your residence. Our van line company is called. “allied van” which are smaller trucks which take greater care in special equipment. We pay an extra 20% for van lines, but we absorb this cost in our business so that you can have the comfort of not getting a damaged spa! When the van is close, they will always call you in advance so that you can schedule a convenient time to be there. We will hold the product if it’s not a good time for you. When you receive the product, the van line will expect you to inspect the packaging and sign off the product. The product will be fully crated and will be packaged, so you will only be inspecting the packaging at this point, keep in mind the product was full checked in the quality assurance process as well. If you need assistance in moving the spa from the curbside to a backyard, or other area, we will refer you to “spa movers” which you can hire directly to do this service. The leisure time bromine kit comes with an instructional dvd, ph test strips, and plenty of bromine chemicals. To keep your spa clean from the start. If you run out of chemicals, you can get 6 month and year supplies from at wholesale prices. 2014 tv/dvd spa – reinforced sythetic frame! Our hot tub reviews. The hot tub looks and works great and i’ve enjoyed the time i’ve spent in it so far… Having the spa has a lot of my friends interested in these hot tubs now. Thanks again for the help and quick answers! Hey paradise spas my hot tub is great and my husband loves it!!! Thursday, june 26, 2008.The item “NEW LARGE 6 PERSON, 86 JET HOT TUBS SPAS HOT TUB” is in sale since Friday, December 26, 2014. This item is in the category “Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Pools & Spas\Spas & Hot Tubs”. The seller is “qualityhomeappliances” and is located in San Francisco, California. This item can be shipped worldwide.

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