Home and Garden Spas 6-Person 81-jet Hot Tub
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Home and Garden Spas 6-Person 81-jet Hot Tub

Home and Garden Spas 6-Person 81-jet Hot Tub

Clothing, shoes & accessories. Home and garden spas 6-person 81-jet hot tub. Sit back and relax in this eclipse 6-person hot tub from home and garden spas. This hot tub features 81 jets with 3-7 jet massage inserts, a factory installed ozonator and a 4-button digital display air control. Neck and shoulder jets. Calf and foot jets. User friendly system controls topside. Deluxe cover is 4-2 inches thick. Durable, slip-resistant acrylic surface. High density foam insulation. Interchangeable therapeutic water jets. Quality heat-retaining synthetic cabinetry. Jets: 81 with 3-7 jet massage inserts. Requires 220v/50amp dedicated service. 84 inches wide x 78 inches long x 36 inches high. Fold on 78-inch side. The pathway must be free of obstacles and cannot involve more than one step to ascend/descend. Reviews for this product. “81 jet” hot tub. Out of 5 stars. This tub is much better than this advertisement will lead you to believe. Here is an actual link to the specific tub. It is a laguna bay x6. Tub name is “81 jet” this does not mean that there are 81 individual jets. The foot blaster contains 14 “jets” and there are 3 or 4 seven hole “jets” around the bottom. This is still plenty of jets. Probably 45-50 separate jets. The large switch on the top diverts water either to the foot blaster (awesome by the way) or to the lounger. The middle range is a blend of both. The foot blaster is not shown in the picture on overstock. The picture and description show a 4 button control panel. Mine came with a much nicer control unit. There is a waterfall directly above the filter. It is controlled by the knob nearest it. Waterfall is adjustable from off to full force. I like it on, but gently. There is a filter included. Mine arrived in about two weeks. Everything i read called for 30 space to each wall. I wanted it lined up with a bay window that we have so i cut the space a little short on one side, at a 25 gap. The side panels come off completely, and i’m relatively thin; 25 is enough for me. Installing the electricity to the tub was harder than i thought it should be. It’s a simple design, red, black, white, ground; but difficult in actual execution. I ended up taking apart the “weatherpack” connection so that i could get the wires to the right location. The spa calls for 6/3 wire, which is pretty thick. It seems that the screw connectors are slightly too small. I removed 2 strands of wire from the stripped area. I’ve used the hot tub almost daily since it arrived. Make sure that any clothing worn in the hot tub is washed a second time, without soap. I had to change the water after about a week because of the huge amount of soap bubbles in it. Draining the hot tub is not explained in the instructions. There is a hose connection on the bottom of the tub with a cap on it. Removing the cap doesn’t start the flow of water. The connection must be pulled out in order to start the flow of water. Remove the cap, connect a water hose, then pull the connection out about 2 inches. I found this out only after i drained it using a sump pump. The sump pump did an amazing job and i will continue draining it this way. The whole tub was pumped out in about 6 minutes. After refilling the tub, it took over 12 hours to heat the water from 53f to 101f, at 60f outside temperature. This is 50% longer than the 8 hours the instruction say to allow. I wish the lighting was a little brighter. The second pump was a little loud. There are instructions on the link above on the laguna bay spa website on how to bleed the pump. That helped quiet it down a little. I’m using a spafrog with bromine and minerals. It seems to do a good job keeping the tub electric bill has increased $28 from last month. I assume future months will be less. This month i heated 350 gallons of water from mid 50f, two times. In the future i’ll drain the tub only once every three of four months. It’s hard to tell from the picutre, but the tub is actually a dark blue color. The name of the brand is incorrect in the discription. The actual brand is raindance spas and the model is laguna, not eclipse as listed. Now that it’s up and running i’m using it all the time and love it. The tub came 2 days after the biggest snow storm in connecticuts history. The tub left the factor having been factory water tested as they all are. Some water was still in the pipes. The tub was delivered and i had to have 6 guys help to get it placed. My electrician spent much longer to get it wired then originally thought. Once wired and running the tub leaked horribly at the bottom. Took panel off to find several cracked pipes underneath. Water had frozen in pipes and cracked them. Took a week to get it all fixed. Because of outside temp. I had to keep a heater on continually underneath the inside of the tub as to not freeze more pipes while water was in it. Fixing it was just basic pvc parts from home depot and a local hot tub place. The company reimbursed me for my buddy to fix it. There is no local repair guy or center. Once fixed it ran great. The guy that wrote in that there isn’t any insulation and the tub is a cheap brand is actually just not knowledgable about hot tubs. With over 130 different names. The insulation is pretty basic and the lack of insulation around the pipes doesn’t matter at all, they all have that basic design. The water stays heated so there is no reason for them to have insulation and if they did you would have to rip it apart to fix it if it needed fixing so you wouldnt want it to be covered. The all come this way. The tub shell has a sprayed on insulation that is standard on all tubs. The motors , heaters, etc. Are all pretty standard. This tub is made descently. Granted some are better but honestly there isn’t a lot to these machines so they are all pretty much a standard design and will last a long time if taken care of. If so , its a nuesance to fix but not the end of the world. Parts are cheap, covered , and a fairly handy guy can fix this without too much hassle. I do suggest getting the x6 over the x5 as the x6 has 2 pumps vs. The x5′s 1 pump. If you can swing it opt for the better x6 tub. I waited to write a review until i had an opportunity to use my hot tub and really see how is was going to perform for me. They did not leave it in the drive-way. They unpacked it and the guys even turned the hot tub around to face a specific direction on the concrete pad i had poured. After hiring an electrician to install, i filled with water and heated. I placed my hand in the water to test the temperature and received an electrical shock. When i told overstock customer service about the problem they reimbursed me for my electrician to come back to my home and install the new part. I have also had issues with the top side controls shorting out when water gets into the inside of the control box. Again, i called laguana and they have sent replacement parts twice to rectify the issue. I have been able to install the replacement parts myself. As far as the hot tub itself i have been completely satisfied! It has gotten a lot of use over the past year and has helped sooth my arthritis when i have flare-ups. I have been told since the last defective issue with my hot tub that they now have fixed the “shock” issue on other hot tubs and have a “good” batch of top side controls that will not short out. So glad in bought my hot tub from overstock! I also earned cash back from my o membership! All the other reviews were right on this one. Great tub, very nice, actually looks better than the ones i saw at a local dealer, for half the price. Not sure how they can sell this tub so cheap, but its the best value of anything i have ever bought from overstock. Try these other categories. Overstock has a simple mission. We serve customers world-wide by offering high-quality goods at unbeatable prices, all while maintaining a focus on superior customer service. Our award-winning customer service agents are available 7 days a week. Customers cannot specify the carrier of their choice. Notify overstock immediately in the unlikely event of damage.The item “Home and Garden Spas 6-Person 81-jet Hot Tub” is in sale since Friday, August 09, 2013. This item is in the category “Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Pools & Spas\Spas & Hot Tubs”. The seller is “overstock” and is located in Salt Lake City, UT. This item can be shipped to United States.

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